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So recently I found a deal on a lightly used set of ARB front and rear lockers with 4.71 gears setup in 3rd members, and they're a damn good price. Being that I currently have roughly 32" tires (265/75/16), what do you think of this setup? I was going to do 4.12s but maybe more is better :smile

I've got a 95 disco V8(auto), and I already have HD axles, A Tom Woods double cardan front driveshaft and will be getting a double cardan rear of the same make with the U-joint conversion...

I know this setup is pretty overgeared, but being that these motors have such very little balls and being that this not usually highway driven, I'd love to feel some torque... You think this is livable, or are gear changes going to feel like a mule kick?

Ashcroft's gearing calculator is telling me ill be jumping from a stock 2500 rpm at 70mph to nearly 3100rpm...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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