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Why 4"s and what do you want to do wuth it??
Mike J.

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RTE 5" springs
RTE Radious Arms
RTE Castor Corrected Swivel Balls
RTE 5" rear links
RTE Extended Brake lines
RTE Shock mounts
RTE Spring retainers
RTE Spring "wedges"
RTE ajustable pan hard rod
RTE "A"-arm extenction
D2 front shock towers
Tom Woods double cardon front drive shaft
Tom Woods double cardon rear drive shaft

I think thats it....about $3500.00.

But, if you plan on running this truck off road, and your going to run a bigger tire to match your lift. You need HD axles too. ~1700.00 to 5000.00, front and rear.

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The cheaper alternative would be a 2" spring lift and 2" body lift. The RTE 3" lift gave me about 4", so you might consider that.
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