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I have this misfire only when cold, I've replaced all the spark plugs with bosch platinum, ngk wires, and swapped coil packs around to eliminate a faulty coil. No luck, the misfire is there only when cold and when that SAI pump is on, it seems once the pump stops the misfire goes away and the engine light stops flashing.

I am loosing coolant, slightly and haven't had any luck bleeding the cooling system to get rid of my waterfall sound behind the dash. I have ordered a headgasket kit from Atlantic British but they didn't send me the head bolts. I have no issues changing the gaskets but after searching my problem I'm not so sure it's a headgasket issue.

I can run my rover for days and it will never overheat, I can let it idle forever and it won't over heat, well unless I don't top up the reservoir. What could it be and why does it seem like the SAI has something to do with it?
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