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I have 5 nearly new Hankook DynaPro MT RT03 tires mounted on 5 nearly new Disco 1 Steel wheels (part # NTC5193) for sale. The spare mounted on my Disco has never been on the ground and has been beneath a cover since new. The other four were only used for a short while and have just been taking up space in my shed. There is no damage to any of the tires and only some minor surface rust spots on the wheels which appears to wipe off with a rag fairly easily. The set also comes with the proper steel lug nuts for mounting.

The tires were $212 apiece new, 5 new steel wheels, new lug nuts, new steel valve stems, mounted and balanced. Looking for $1000 picked up. Located in KC, MO. Not interested in shipping them!

I also might be interested in trading toward a clean 1995 RRC LWB. I am trying to raise money for a diesel project in an RRC so the engine isn't much concern, just want a clean starting point.


Pictures can seen by following the below link

5 near new 265/75/16 wheels on disco steel wheels - Defender Source
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