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I'm finishing this beast up this winter for some good Spring wheeling. With a few deployments, it has taken me a little over two years to finish.

The chassis has been replaced and shortened with a D90 frame, the engine is a 3.5 ltr piston and block but with 3.9 ltr Discovery ancillaries, ie: the starter, alternator, pulleys, power steering pump. The carbs are S.U. Range Rovers. The brake servo is from a D90, the front axle is from a D90 but has a Range Rover 354.1 diff. The brakes are disc type with D90 calipers. The suspension has been changed to up rated coils giving it a 1'' lift , also the suspension has been replaced with pro comp gas shocks. The gear box is a lt 77, 5 speed with a transfer box from a 96-97 Discovery (both currently leak like sieves). The rear axle is a post 84 forward facing shock mounts with the diff and brake calipers being standard range rover. The hand brake is D90 , the dash , bulk head , rear tub etc is all series, updated witha LaSalle Series dash.

I look forward to sharing info in this new forum, probably the first for hybrids and the tinkertoy issues that we deal with (this slot doesn't fit in that hole...). I still have to drop the tranny/transfer and replace all of the seals and redo the clutch while I'm in there. If everything goes smoothly there, and after some road testing for reliability, then the air lockers will go in.

Talk to you all later, Bren.

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