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I special ordered mine from below, I doubt many stock it, though it is beyond me why. bbyer stated that the Ford Raptor has a metal pan and same transmission, that might also be an option. Those prices are quite old, so it don't hold them to it.

the pan kit number is 1068-103-820 your cost is $303.50 (please
don't forget that this will come from Germany and will take 4 to 6

and extra pan gasket #1068-303-017 your cost is $39.65
and extra filter #0501-213-359 your cost is $84.52

fluid - part number zf6hp your cost is $12.50 (sold in quart
bottles, these are in stock in NY)

feel free to contact me anytime

I am here 8am to 6pm eastern


Caren Hunt
Rockland Standard Gear
1(800) 227-1523 ext #101
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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