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85 rr

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I have a 1985 Range Rover. The air pump has been removed and the piping capped at the rubber hoses atop the engine. My question is can I remove the metal piping at the cylinder heads and plug the holes? Or should I just leave be?
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I had Pulsair on my '85. Everything worked as it should so I never touched it until I removed the 3.5L for a 4.0L. The heads on the 4.0L didn't have the ports for the Pulsair Injection so I didn't have to worry. However, my advice would be to leave well enough alone if the engine is otherwise performing well. Removing the piping, you could damage the threads on the ports requiring you to helicoil them. Not the hardest job but, if you're not terribly experienced, why bother. Enjoy the truck. Mine was a 5 speed and I truly miss it. Having owned more Rovers than I can count, I have to say that was my favorite.
Thanks for the advice Paul.
Mine has the LT95. I still keep looking for 5th gear!
Hmmm, an LT95 in an '85? I thought by '85 they were all equipped with the LT230 regardless of whether the gearbox was an LT77 or a Chrysler T727.
It's an 83. I keep calling it an 85 for some reason. Must be old age.
OK, I thought '84 was the changeover year. Then in '85 the dash was spruced up more in line with what we'd see in the US in '87. In '86 they went with the newer center console design causing the change from long stick to short stick for the transmission. I think that was the first year they let the passenger play with the radio when it was moved from the far side of the steering wheel to the front of the center console. I really enjoy the way the Range Rover evolved over it's 25 year lifespan and can't wait to get myself into another one. It's been over four years since I've had a Classic and even my wife misses them!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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