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new to the rover
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Hi. Got my first RR last week and am loving it. I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me with.

Speakers sizes?
There are two speakers in each front door, two in the roof in the rear, and one in the rear passenger-side cargo compartment. When I do a search through Crutchfield or Best Buy it is telling me to get 6.5's. The lower door speakers are currently 5.25's and the upper door and roof speakers are certainly smaller than that. Am I supposed to be able to put 6.5's in the lower door spots?

Also, the stereo that was in there was hard-wired in (no OEM wiring harness or harness adapter). I think he was also only running one set of the door speakers. No speakers on roof. It is a huge mess! I took my old OEM Cherokee harness and butted it to the RR's wires. Then used that to connect my new stereo. But I'm having serious issues ... as in something smelled like it was burning and my speakers are blown. :-(

So, I want to outfit the beast. I have my own 300W amp that powers a 10" boxed sub. My stereo runs 22Wx4 RMS and seems to be powerful enough to run 4 decent speakers. (It do so just fine in my Cherokee.) Can someone tell me a good somewhat affordable system to go along with those items. (The stock amp is in the back of the vehicle but it is not currently hooked up.) I was thinking 2 all-arounds in the roof, and 2 components for the doors. But the Cherokee only had 2 door mounts. What to do with the other 2 spaces? Can I somehow attach tweeters in there and just go that way?

Any hints or suggestions are very much appreciated. I have searched online quite a bit but never found the information I needed.

One more question, there are two inline fuses coming off the battery positive terminal. I assume one was for the factory amp, but what's the other one for? I was having trouble tracing all of the wires and cables.
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