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90 RR needs exhaust (?) -any aftermarket suggestions?

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My rr has what sounds like an exhaust leak somewhere near the cat. It has 105,000 miles on it, so I'm guessing a new muffler and cat would be a good idea. Anyone go the route of having a muffler shop put on a new exhaust on one of these? I'm new to the rr's, so I don't know if my friendly neighborhood muffler shop can do this, or is there a 'special' lr exhaust piece I would need?
I'd like to get a free flowing cat and muffler put on.
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i have a 91 RRC with 189K miles. i had the following done a couple months ago.
-new OEM LR muffler bought off the internet
-was installed by local muffler repair shop and since it was OEM, it went in easily
-new pipe from muffler back to bumper; threw away the resonator can just before the bumper and havent noticed any difference
-replaced the rubber seals that are used to connect the R and L exhaust manifolds to the R and L sides of the Y-pipe/Cat assembly. Doing this eliminated the rich-gasoline exhaust smell I was getting on startup and significantly quieted the engine noise. those rubber fittings were basically gone so it sounded like rattling every time i gave it gas.
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