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92 No Start

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I bought this Rover about 3 months ago. Drove it over an hour to get it home. Parked it and it never started again. I pulled the battery to store it, and top off the charge.

I put the battery in today and it fired right up. I let it idle to warm up and drove it across my yard. I got it parked in the driveway and let it idle some more. I got in to take it for a test drive and it sputtered and died. I could never get it to fire again. After cranking for a while, I could smell fuel, but it wouldn't even try to start. starting fluid made no difference.

I checked the spark, and it seems somewhat weak. My theory is that the spark was always weak but while it sat the motor "dried out" once I put in the battery the weak spark was enough to fire it up, but after idling for a while it couldn't keep out and flooded. What do you guys think?

Where should I start with solving the weak spark issue? I did a quick look around, and didn't see any broken of frayed wiring. But Ill get more into it later. Any advice to give me a good starting point would be great!

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Where are you, is it very cold? How old is the gas? Are the plugs wet? Is the distributor wet inside the cap?
Try to scrape corrosion from inside the distributor cap and rotor for temp fix. Sometimes gentle wiggle the wires going to the coil, they could be brittle. Take it step by step or it will drive you crazy.
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