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My first post!!
While driving home yesterday the following electronics stopped working simultaneously:
hazard lights(I checked them as I was troubleshooting)
Fan stopped working at all settings.

To note, the ignition key recently broke in the cylinder, I was able to start the car by using the broken half to turn the cylinder, but while it was running, all the same components didn't work. I took it to the shop and they were able to extract the key. Since then everything has been fine except that I was having problems with a defective battery(since replaced).
I have checked all the fuses in the box next to the radio. Are there others?
Right now I have the steering column open and I don't see anything disconnected.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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All those things (I pretty sure) are accessories and controled by the ignition switch. So you probably have a problem with that. Seeing as your key is busted off in there ... it only goes to reason you need a new ignition switch.

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Thanks OKIE,

I appreciate the input. Do you think that the key breaking in the switch would cause this or do you think it may have broken during the key extraction.
Time to start pricing....
Check grounds (one ground is on DS behind the cyl head, another one is on PS behind the battery).

I have an ignition and key from my 91 RR if you want to try it. Let me know.
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