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93 RRC LWB won't start

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Another RRC won't start thread, but I'm at wits end. I can follow directions, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot.

Last fall I had the coil, distributor, amp module, cap and rotor replaced by a rover tech in Madison WI. It ran for a couple of weeks and then wouldn't start again. It died in December.

I purchased new plugs (Bosch Platinum gapped .035), wires and a new battery and installed them today since finally had the time and some decent weather. Wisconsin winter was brutal this year.

It still won't start. It acts like it wants to, but it just won't fire. The fuel pump is working properly as I can smell fuel after trying a few times. I let it sit a bit between attempts in case I flooded it.

How can I test if I'm getting spark?

Thanks for any help that can be given.
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Any input is helpful and I appreciate your help.

Do I pull off the air cleaner assembly to give it a shot of starter fluid?
It is easier to pull off one of the vacuum lines and feed it in that way.
You only need 3 things for a motor to run, fuel, compression and spark.
To check fuel is getting to the correct pressure, just pull off the return hose from the fuel pressure regulator. Make sure nothing is hot near that area and then turn the key. If fuel comes out you know that you have enough pressure in the system.
To check spark, just pull one of the spark plugs, connect its high tension lead and have the metal base of the plug sitting on a metal part of the motor for earthing. Get someone to turn over the motor with the ignition key and see if the spark plug sparks. It should have a strong blue coloured spark. If it passes this test, then it is most likely your timing.
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