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I've got a high-mileage 1994 Discovery I. It sits most of the time, inside my commercial heated building. I needed to move it the other day, and it started right up, then died after just a few seconds. I tried cranking and cranking and it would crank over just fine, but absolutely no sign of wanting to start. I removed a spark plug wire and using a spare sparkplug grounded to engine, got a good spark every time that plug should spark. I checked the fuel pump fuse, and I (using my electronic skills) examined and tested the fuel pump relay, both the coil and the contacts are good. I also had my wife crank over and I tested the voltage to the fuel pump. Here is what I get there: When you turn ignition on, there is voltage for a second or 2, then no voltage, when you turn key over to crank, the voltage returns and is constant. Reconnecting the wire plug to the fuel pump there is no sound ever from the pump no matter whether ignition is on, or on and cranking. Of course I also checked the inertia switch and it was passing continuity, but it HAS to work for me to get any voltage back to the fuel pump anyway.

I'm fairly sure now that my fuel pump died. I see there are aftermarket vendors that sell them in the $`150 range, far below factory part cost. My main concern is getting the big plastic ring unscrewed without a special tool, maybe I am being over cautious, but would appreciate any advice. I just can't see how it could be anything else, other than the fuel pump, as the engine has spark, and I have 1/2 tank fuel, and there appears to be no activity from the fuel pump even though it appears to be getting power.
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