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'95-'96 What to watch out for?

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I am looking for a 95/96 model Disco, 5 spd.

Anything I should be on the look out for?
I have been told that the motors where dodgy on them. Seems a number of ones I have seen online in ads have had the transfer case replaced/repaired.
Seems the the steering column electrical connections are another failure point...

I'm not bashing on them - just know I am getting into a used vehicle with around 110,000 miles on it...
I grew up in Landrovers - SII SWB pickup, SIII SWB Cab/Chassis w flatdeck, 85 Defender 110 with a flatdeck, all took a beating on the farm and kept going (except for axles on the early models - had to walk for an hour or two a couple of times)

The Disco will make a great tow vehicle for my Suzuki Samurai rock crawler :rellye - and something to play in when I am working on the crawler
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The earlier 5 speeds 94/95 had no oil feed to the rear of the mainshaft and caused several failures. Most if not all would have been fixed or replaced under warranty.If both cars are in the same condition buy the latest model. :drink1:
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