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'95 Classic Brake issues; stumped

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Disco Mike, please call if you have a moment, 303 435-1168
need help trouble-shooting
-no brakes when pushing pedal, little at best
-ABS pump runs constantly; spongy pedal
-fluid level dropped and raised in reservoir when applying brakes after replacing parts; not sure if still occurring since power bleeding and replacing parts a second time.

Parts Replaced with used parts from working '95 parts cars;
-ABS block (suspected crack)
-ABS pump
-cleaned ABS relays
-ABS ECU seems to be working
-power bled several times

Cannot find an air leak; short of replacing all the above with new parts, any suggestion on where to start?

thanks for the help
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You might get more replies if you post in the Range Rover section, rather than the Series Rover section.
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