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First I want to say hello! Especially to PT Schramm, I am down in Indy, talked to you on the phone a couple of times.

I have a 95 Disco 1, with 118K, drive it every day, love my truck. Bought it with 98K on it for $2700.

I have done quite a bit to the truck myself, brakes, bearings, axle seals, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, pcv hoses and flame trap, fixed the cruise, repaired the cargo door latch / lock, new door latches, window regulator, O2 sensors, starter, thermostat, heater/ac control panel, tires, tightened the pan hard rod bolts, coolant temperature sensor for the ecu, fuel filler pipe (dealership), rear subwoofers, and the factory radio.

So the problems

1) Truck starts fine when cold, but if you give it gas before it warms up, the truck will stall and sometimes die. Once warmed up all is good.

2) When it is extremely hot outdoors and the truck is low on fuel, and the truck is driven for more than an hour or so, the truck starts to die while driving. If you slow down it will "catch up" then a few minutes later starts to die again. Let the truck cool down for a while or fill it up with fuel, it seems to be ok again. I can swear that I hear the fuel pump whining in the back when this is going on. I had a 1985 Jaguar XJS 12 that had the exact same problem.

3) Manual says that cats need to be replaced at 96K miles - is it a required service for the truck to function, or simply an emissions thing ???

4) I know this will be next to impossible - but looking for a drivers seat in good condition.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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1) and 2) sound like fuel pump and/or filter. Check the rail pressure. If you have to change pump, while your back there, check the plug and the next connection in on the harness for corrosion from heat.
3). It's possible that your cats may becoming clogged up, but you would have stumbling and pwr problems within 15 min. There is an emissions relay that throws a light on the dash related to this, I forget the milage, that you can reset. It's a huge, green relay located behind the pax foot kick panel and you poke a paper clip through a hole in the top (will be hidden by a sticker) and short it out and the light will disappear. It's set to illuminate at a certain milage...
4) can't help you with the seat. I would like to put d2 seats in mine because the bottom of the d1 seems too short.
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I can tell you right now, unless you are an awfully talented fabricator, fitting DII seats to an early DI is going to be tricky.

To the original poster, '94 and '95 DI's used different seats and seat rails than the later DI's so your choice for seats that will bolt right up are severely limited to those two years of production.
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