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So I finally give up.
I've spent way to many weekends replacing sensors and fixing stuff and my wife and kids have had it.

In all fairness the truck is in pretty good shape for 174K miles. No rust, a small dent on the right rear and a 7.5 out of 10 interior. It has only left me stranded once and once the dealer replaced the fuel pump I've had no similar problems. The problem is this: I like my vehicles to be 100% and this one is in the nineties so I spend to much time tinkering with it and for as often I actually need the off road capability the time spent is hardly justified.

These are the things I have done in the past 7 months:
All fluids changed and or flushed ( Front and rear difs, Transfer case, Auto Trans, cooling system, swivels and brakes)
New sensors: fuel temp, coolant temp, O2 and fan switch.
Radiator rodded and new thermosat.
New fuel pump and tank.
New fuel filter.
New front rotors and pads.
New Trans screen when the fluid was changed.
New sunroof.

A/C blows cold. tranny shifts smooth, every switch in the truck works but the slider for the A/C needs new.

All the leather seats are very good nut the drivers side is a little worn.
Newish Michelins.

dark blue metalic paint is bright and cleans up very nice.

All in all it's a very sound truck and I'm going to miss it but in all fairness it would be better used by a real LR afficianado.

I'm asking $5,000 and I think this is pretty fair.

I'm in Los Angeles

Please let me know if your interested.
[email protected]
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