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Hey Y'all

I have to say this site saved my A$$.. You guys r great.. But i see in some of my reply's Some of ya get annoyed with my ??? Heres the story .I got a 95 disco in Nov with 50000 miles on it paid 4grand .All the miles were put on it first year and a half.. Then it sat for 6 plus years minus quick trips they took.. So when I got it I am doing a little at a time to bring it back to my spec;s so even if its not due for something I am doing it anyways cause it sat. Now after todays work its running better than ever I have done new belt,wires, plugs valve cover gasket fuel filter,PVC,trans filter ,stepper motor,2 oil changes with flush and seafoam and now it seems to be back to normal idel. So again thanks for all t he help and advice and remember I am new at rovers ..

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