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'95 RR Viscous Coupling maybe?

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I have a chance to buy '95 RR for very reasonable price. It has blown head gasket, 150K miles. I could deal with that part.
What makes me worried is, that the front drive shaft is removed / or not installed. I am thinking maybe the VC is bad. Is there a way to check it on the street. The "truck" is not running and it is very cold. The VC is @$1K. That would break the deal. It is how much I would pay for the vehicle. anyone with "crystal ball"?
Please someone talk me out of it!
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Expect the transfer case to be seized-at least to the extent that it involved the viscous coupling.

I have put hundreds of thousands of miles on various Range Rovers with seized viscous couplings with no major adverse impact. Yeah, it chirps going around corners and I might have had to replace a few CV joints but those are cheap compared to a VC.

Use it get a better price, get your headset from me and enjoy your truck when it becomes unbearable, slap an LT-230 into it.

Headsets in stock. For that truck, $195 shipped CONUS via UPS, includes headbolts.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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