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'95 RR Viscous Coupling maybe?

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I have a chance to buy '95 RR for very reasonable price. It has blown head gasket, 150K miles. I could deal with that part.
What makes me worried is, that the front drive shaft is removed / or not installed. I am thinking maybe the VC is bad. Is there a way to check it on the street. The "truck" is not running and it is very cold. The VC is @$1K. That would break the deal. It is how much I would pay for the vehicle. anyone with "crystal ball"?
Please someone talk me out of it!
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Thanks, planning to go and see the truck tomorrow. It is 7deg above outside, so it will be stiff.
Thank you Paul!
As always you have fresh angle on things. I was going to offer $1000 for the truck, he is asking $1200. I will know more when I see it. Definitely I will keep you in mind on the headset. I think there will be more stuff to fix.
After 120 mile trip, it was sad, to see once beautiful truck is R.I.P state. The metal under body was like made out of saltines, seats ripped, headliner about ready to go. Front corner of the hood rusted thru. The owner left water in the system since summer. Last few days was here in Colorado -10 deg. at night, can you imagine what happened. When I open the reservoir cap it was frozen solid. I think there will be more than head gasket to fix. Very sad. Sorry Paul, no business for parts this time.
I guess the question about the VC was premature also.
Thanks guys for all the input, learning allot. So you don't feel sorry for me on the deal, I have to say, that I did not need another Rover. I was hoping someone will talk me out of it. I try to post photo of the black one, the one with all the rust. It look pretty decent and for $1200 OBO, something had to be wort that or spare parts. Nope.
I have already '87 in Caspian Blue (faded badly) over 200 000 and front end damage this Fall. And few months new to me '95 Classic in Epsom Green 130 000. Will see if I can upload photos. So how many RR "should" man have.That is the question.



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