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it has 200k miles on the motor but it will need another transmission and extra parts. i am asking 900 for the package. if you got any ques please pm... thanks

set of spring front and back(oem)
2 oem shocks
1 or 2 blistein shocks
cv joint
driver door panel
rear trailing arm
ecu for manuel
amber corner light
1 pair of tail lights
1 driverside taillight
1 headlight
rear blower
compete setup jumpseats
1 oem spare tire with rim
2 oem LR 5 star rims with tires
passenger mirror
both side reardoor frame with glass
2 rear quarter glass/antenna hook up
side alpine glass
instrument cluster
rear view mirror
rear ladder
oem brush guard ( bent on the passengerside)
2 front driveshaft
2 rear driveshaft
2 differential
1 flex driveshaft
pair of differential guards
set of offroad tires(fair)
transmission cooling line
front grill( crack on one side)
4.0 motor( it is missing some sensors and dont what shape of it since i pull it )

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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