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Rover has bern driving fine with zero electrical issues? This morning I went to start and got the "click, click click" of a dead battery. Turned key again and slowly turned over and started. Drove 20 miles, turned off came back and same slow turn then start. I just bought the battery in January and I don't use power without engine running very often. Batteries Plus (where I bought battery) tested nd cme up with the starting and charging system "good" but battery only putting out 150 CCA, instead of the 850 it is supposed to. First location didn't have the battery so I went to store were I bought it to the one they had. Tested again and although the numbers weremamlittle different, the system checked out fine.

Additional strangeness was when I shifted into Drive or Reverse, RPM's shot up to about 2K, forcing me to hit the brakes so I wouldn't lurch forward or back. It only spiked when put in gear, though. After the battery swap, everything is back to normal. Anyone have a clue or did one of the gremlins from England wake up? I've never had any electrical issues before, so this alarmed me.

Numbers from test were:

12.73 Volts
150 CCA Actual
850 CCA Rated

11.5 Volts

13.73 Volts

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Your alternator is at the very low side of the scale, normally 14.0 volts when under full load at idle and not to excede 14.4 volts.
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