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96 help

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ive owned my disco for about 10 years now bought it new in 1996. I've bin having problems with the starter. Every once and awhile it decieds to lock up on me and i cant get the truck started. has any else had this problem and what can be done about it?
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Are you sure it's the starter? If so, just get a new one. :D After 10 years, it might just be time.
96owner said:
well i don't really know whats wrong some times it works some time it doesnt. i guess its not the starter. see when i go to turn my key it locks up on me and wont turn and then i have no way of starting it. I've bin spraying it with wd-40 and that helps it.

This is pretty normal for rovers. Don't use wd-40 as it tends to gumm up after continual usage - although I use it in a pinch - more of a do as I say, not as I do thing I guess. Do as Badger1 says, use some type of graphite. Or military grade machine gun oil works well too if you got it. Don't ask, not going to tell you how I know. :eek:
96owner said:
4. how much might a full restoration cost?

thank you very much for all your help.

Hold up there doc, whatcha talking about? What does full restoration mean to you? If you are willing to put that kind of money into your rover, you might want to have RTE have a first go at it or - I can't remember the name...pretty good place, do great rebuilds. ****, it will come to me.

If your engine runs good, put the money into your suspension - RTE - and send your axles to Bill at GBR, have him put in new gears and so forth. If you are not going to run anything bigger than 32's, go for a 3.88 gearing ratio. If you are going to run 33's or bigger, go for the 4.11 or higher gearing ratio. Put a TT up front and detroit in the rear. Bill can do all this for you. By the time RTE and GBR are done with your rover, you will have one of the baddest rovers in your area. Hands down.

If you want a full restoration to orignal, just take your time and buy the year you want with little mileage and save your money.
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