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96 help

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ive owned my disco for about 10 years now bought it new in 1996. I've bin having problems with the starter. Every once and awhile it decieds to lock up on me and i cant get the truck started. has any else had this problem and what can be done about it?
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well i don't really know whats wrong some times it works some time it doesnt. i guess its not the starter. see when i go to turn my key it locks up on me and wont turn and then i have no way of starting it. I've bin spraying it with wd-40 and that helps it.
sorry about that i didn't know what to call it
OK a few more questions
1. how much will it cost to fix the starting problem and what will need to be replaced?
2. are there any thing else i should have checked out when i take it to the shop?
3. dos any 1 know of an east coast shop that can do a full restoration to my truck?
4. how much might a full restoration cost?

thank you very much for all your help.
I would be willing to spend the money if its worth it and I don’t think I can find a 96 like mine. What I would want done is an engine rebuild because it’s got 185,000 on it. I pretty much want all working parts repaired or replaced so it will be reliable enough as a daily driver. i would like to have it in good running order before i start any modifications
what did you fix/replace and how much did it cost
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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