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1997 Discovery I SD
KBB qoutes $6300. Won't take any lower than $5500.

Refuses to start. Electrical problem. Getting it fixed along with the window lift ECU by tues.

89430 Miles.
Brand new power steering box.
Brand new OME Steering dampaner.
Auto Trany.
25K miles left on tires. Dueler HT's
New Airfilter.
Diff lock and low high stuff working fine.

Clean interior.
Seats in good condition.
Carpets clean.
All electrical working. Except what is listed above. Being fixed though.

Land Rovers Only Forum Stickers just put on :buttrock:

I realy love my rover. I just cant afford it. Gas, College, and rent, its just too much for me right now. :eek:

I live in eastern cali, near Lake Tahoe. Pick up only. Unless you live very close.

Email me for pics. [email protected]

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Not for sale anymore.
My parents are going to help me pay for all the minor fixes that need to be done.

I feel soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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