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I've been lurking as a non registered user for a while and have found many fixes (thank you LRO) for my disco but can't find this one. I have searched extensively so I apologize in advance if this has been covered and I missed it.

I have the factory Pioneer stereo and decided to solder in an aux cable to the CD changer pins and pulled it out. Tested the wiring for the aux cable and found the left and right channel pins easily and everything was working. It was dark so I decided to wait until morning and pushed the unit back into the dash. When I returned I wanted to double check everything before soldering and pulled it out again while still plugged in, turned it on tested and everything worked fine. When I disconnected the wires from the CD pins the stereo went back to playing the radio then as I moved the unit slightly back into the dash it changed into TEL mode to my surprise.

After reading about the optional telephone and mute mode this stereo has I was able to find a diagram showing the pins to the telephone line but it's not installed. Any idea how to get a stereo without the telephone mode option installed out of TEL mode and back to the radio?

Thanks for your help!


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