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97 Disco Drive Door does not unlock with remote

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97 Disco Driver's Door does not unlock with remote


My Driver's Door lock plugger moves up with the remote but not high enough to unlock the door. I have to manually reach in thru the back door to pull the front door lock plugger high enough up to unlock the door.

Has anyone seen this issue ?? I am thinking I need to lube the lock inside the door. The plugger does move up and down. Locks fine. Just will not unlock with the remote.

Thanks for the help.

Dave Beatty
97 Disco
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You answered your own question Dave.Your door locks need a lube.Go ahead to your local "Pep-boys" and get the "STP" siliscone-based lubricant, it comes in a blue spray can, it states that it outlasts "WD 40", and in my opinion, it certainly does.Spray a good amount of it on the ouside lock where you insert the key, also on the inside mechanism(got to remove the interior panel, not so hard to do), play with it up n' down a couple of times and there you go.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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