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97 Disco won't start

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Ran a couple of errands, and when I went to start the car to go home, it just made a little noise and then nothing! I opened the hood and smelled burned plastic. Thought maybe it was the battery (even though I had it replaced last year) but a jump didn't make it start. Does this sound like it could be the starter? What would that smell be? The car has 48,000 miles on it, but I make a lot of small trips. It's parked in a store parking lot where it will stay overnight until I know where I should have it towed..

If it is the starter, should I take it to the Landrover dealer, or could anyone fix it? Thanks for any input. Michele :bawling:
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I doubt it is the starter, sounds like you smoked a wire harness, If that is the case have it repaired before you try starting it again or it can get real expensive.
Start with checking all the connection at the batter and the starter, then follow all the rires looking for a hot spot.
Mike J.
Thanks Mike, I knew I could count on you! I'll let you know if that was the problem, but sure sounds like it. Take care, Michele (Former Santa Barbaran-Cliff Dr.)
Do you know a good local shop that does electrical work, if not call around first, the greater majority of shops shouldn't touch this.
Mike J.
Hi Mike,
I had it towed to an import car shop, and I told him not to start it but to look for a hot spot because I think I smoked a wire harness. It was great to sound like I knew what I was talking about. Got a call back from him(he's the electrical/wiring specialist), and he said they already know that the starter is bad. They have to get the car started to see if there is something else, but they can tell that the starter needs to be replaced. It's $300 and something for the Rover starter (They do a lot of Rover work) and $95 for labor. I hope this is all that it needs, but after they get the starter working I'll also have awareness of a possible wiring issue. With the age of the truck and the low mileage, I do make a lot of short trips and starts. I asked what was the burning smell-he said it could be the starter or he saw some coolant.

This import shop was a lot closer that the dealer, and probably less expensive. They'll have it ready this afternoon, so good service so far! I'll keep you posted. Thanks Mike, Michele
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I'm a little worried. Could a smoked wire harness have caused the starter to go bad? If the starter gets repaired and the wire isn't fixed, it could just happen again right? Maybe I had already tried to start it too many times and it caused damage. What kind of damage were you speaking of when you said not to try to start it again?
The wiring guy left town today for two weeks after he looked at my car, but I'm assuming he didn't see any wire problems. He said he had to get the starter fixed before he could tell if anything else was wrong with it. I hope I haven't messed this up. I'll just wait and see what they say when I pick it up this afternoon. Thx, Michele
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