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97 Land Rover Discovery SE V8i 4.0
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Please Need HELP!
The guy that sold me my truck said that aIl thats needed is to replace an o2 sensor.
He had replaced the Transfer case and the Y muffler/catalatic conver. He put in the old o2 sensors and not new ones. And there is no exuast tail pipe.
Well now im stuck. Cant get a hold of him for help.

Heres what im going through.
Theres over 200,000 miles. I can only drive in 4H because when its in nuetral or 4L it stalls out and hesitates, with no more than 5 to 15 miles an hour.
So the truck in 4H it drives ok but with little acceleration. Does not have starting up problems cold or hot. I have very little problems when it has sat over night and I take off it drives well for about 10 minutes. Then it starts to give out. Engine starts not reseaving any power, I press down on the peddle but nothing for seconds, hesitates, poping sounds from exaust a few times. If I press and hold down the peddle it does nothing, just pops. But when I very little press down I can drive but so slow, like 30 miles an hour on flat surface. When going up hill it rages 5 to 15 miles an hour depending of the hill.
When driving longer than 20 min it justs gets even more less power and acceleration. I keep trying to give it gas but it just doesnt catch but little intervals at a time. More popin and hesitation...
At this point wile driving it no longer than 25 minutes, the temp gage is reading in the center. Its not over heating, I find myself trying to get home hoping the engine dont blow, people on the side walk can move faster.

Using break cleaner I cleaned the MAF sensor and its connections. Checked for vacuum leaks. I have to get a gasket for the MAF connected to where the filter box is, so yes theres a little air leak without the gasket.
I cleaned inside the carburetor using the choke cleaner.
I put in gas treatment in tank.
Took out old spark plugs, inspected the cylinders, cleaned
Gapped new spark plugs installed them to there specs.
Put in new wires. Made sure they are in the tight order.
One of the codes from scanner was cylinder 7 misfire so I replaced the 7-4 coil pack.
I inspected all coil packs. They all have spark.
I replaces the old air filter that was in bad.
Tightend up bolts underneath truck that was leaking.

I dont know how long the trucks been driving without transmission fluid, I filled that to the fill line.

Codes I had before I did all those things:

Codes I got now (as of now):

Before I go and spend money on O2 sensors, I just dont know for sure that they are the main reason my truck is in this terrible condition.

Could the 4 wheel drive cause this?
Can bad O2 sensors really cause horrible sputtering, hesitations, slow acceleration..?Controled fuel and air problems that cause this much issues?
Can One bad sensor interuped other sensors?

I need help because my girlfriend and I are going through a crises and we need our truck to drive and not go dead.

Also one last thing.
I have ordered O2 sensors from Orielys auto parts and napa auto parts and everytime they were not the ones. They searched many times for the ones I need but all the ones are not even close. Not even the AELS O2 sensors. We even tryed other similar trucks like range rover, but nothing.
Im thinking that the Y Exuast that the guy who sold me the truck put on has the wrong O2's and they are messing up the ECM.

Hmmm.. can anyone help me?
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