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Hi Guys,

I was off roading over sand dunes and the beach tonight. Returned off the beach and during the trip back to the road the old faithful coughed and stopped. All electrics seem good. Good battery connection, good lights, turns over the starter motor good, and on a few attempts the car idled as though running on one or two cylinders, no misfire sounds though. The only thing I can think of is something to do with the fuel feed. When we were driving around I went over some farely major bumps, actually, a but irresponsibly. I wonder if I've shocked an intertia switch for fuel cut off or something simple like that.

If there was enough fuel in the line to drive a bit after the shocks that would explain why I was able to continue a short distance. Does that even sound feasible.

if this is the case how do I reset it?

Any other ideas spring to mind. About 2 in 10 attempts it started and then ran very low idle speed then stopped. No attempt to apply the throttle increased revs or had any noticable affect.

I'm going to have to call an expensive recovery truck unless I can get back to it in the morning and do something roadside. It's "safe" in a 24 hour service station so I am very anxious to get to it.

Please let me know any thoughts and suggestions before I get the real pro involved.

Best Regards
(On behalf of 'Gloria' the pearl red Landy!)

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Inertia switch on firewall

If you set off the inertia switch, it can be reset. I believe it is on the passenger side firewall, looks like a big switch. If not that, then press the big button switch next to the right fender.

Try to start it. My guess, you augered the front and the gadget thought you hit a wall.

Just a guess, see if the fuel pump is running. Start and listen in the back. If you pre-start, it should whine in the back as it primes then stop. If no sound, there you are.
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