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98 Disco series I runing on 4 cylinders

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Hi everybody, I need serious help trying to diagnose a problem with my disco. The engine is running on 4 cylinders, I ohm checked the coils and they all checked out, I switched the 2 non functioning coils with the 2 that were working, ran on the same 4 cylinders. I do not recall what 4 cylinders are working as I don't have room for it at my appartment and it is in a storage lot. I was told that the 4 coils share a ground that completes the circut and signals the spark to the compressed air/fuel cylinder and a "dead" cylinder. I have tried locating any bad wiring or connections and can't find any. I also replaced the crankshaft sensor incase it was not sending a signal. Could it be ECU related? Any help is gladly appreciated!
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I had a customer a couple years ago, I think it was a 99 disco with distributor less ignition. It very poor and lack of power since he removed a aftermarket security system. Lots of misfire codes etc. I traced it and found that there was separate power supplies to each coil and one had no power. As I recall it was 2 green wires in the main harness along the top of the firewall. Don't recall where the fault was but might be worth checking that you do have all power supplies.
Rave manual should show you the wiring schematics.

After correcting the power supply it ran great.
Thanks redtruck, I'll have to look into the rave manual.
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