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Selling my 98' Discovery LSE with newly built 4.6. 162k miles in Oxford blue. The truck has spent its entire life in CA until the last 6 months and as a result has no rust. The 4.6 was built by Ellsworth machine shop- balanced crankshaft assembly, new 229 Crower cam, new lifters, new cam sprocket/chain, all new bearings, piston rings, full valve job, ARP head studs, new oil pump, 8 new Denso injectors, Magnecore wires, radiator re-cored, cooling hoses new, etc. The engine is very smooth, quiet, and leak free. It was built from a very low mile Bosch 4.0 block and excellent P38 4.6 crank/piston assembly. I have some machine shop receipts.

Everything works on the truck- all windows, alarm, door locks (driver door lock is sticking now), wipers, AC (very cold), and heat. Transmission is great and oil has been changed (very clear oil). Sunroofs are sealed shut. Interior seats and door panels were swapped to nice fabric seats and panels from an SD truck (manual seats- no finicky switches). Stock LSE radio working very well also. Tires have great tread. Optima red top. Rear load liner. Paint still shines, but it has character marks here and there...some small dents. Drives very smooth and quiet. Interior and dash are very nice. Seats in very good shape.

Issues- Transfer Case reverse/drive clunk. Steering box leaks some. Exhaust has rattle in muffler (only heard at 3000 rpm). Driver door lock sticks but it alarms completely witht the key (easy fix). Sunroofs sealed.

Parts included with sale:

-90k mile LT230 from early D2 (from Paul Grant)
-used but leak free steering box said to be great shape (from Marty, Drillbit)
-swivel ball rebuild kits including flat bearings and all seals
-new power steering hoses (3)
-LT230 re-seal kit
-air filter and fuel filter

$3750 Also have TJM winch bumper, new exhaust parts, new TREs, 4.11 gear kits and differentials, hydraulic grade oil cooler rebuild kits. I will include at right price.

I will post pictures soon (check discoweb for pics now).

e-mail [email protected]
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