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Bought a 98 Discovery 1 with 88k miles with damaged mufflers.
The truck ran poorly with a open muffler and missing down stream O2 sensors, it was throwing codes:
P1316 misfire excessive emissions fault
P1314 misfire rate catalyst damage fault bank 2
p1313 misfire rate catalyst damage fault bank 1
0158p o2 sensor circuit high voltage bank2 sensor 2
0138p o2 sensor circuit high voltage bank1 sensor 2

Installed a new muffler with cats with used downstream O2 sensors, still ran like crap. Shutdown car cleared code, and the truck "rebooted" and ran better.

Replaced the heavy carbon fouled Bosch+4 plugs with NGK BPR6ES 7131 , and Bosch 7mm Wire Set 09494, and it ran pretty good, but got code
p0300 random missfire
p0340 camshaft position sensor [pending]

Opened the transmission inspection door, and found crank position sensor crocked by a bent teeth. Straightened the teeth and replaced the sensor with
Standard Motor Products PC714.

I had high hopes, but it is now throwing

P1316 misfire excessive emissions fault
P1187 Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Short Upstream [Pending and went away]
P0304 misfire in #4 cylinder [pending, seen by a costco code reader, but not the torque app]

Given the age of the oxygen sensors and the P1187 code, I'm ordering new O2 sensors and see what they do.

In the mean time, OBDII Torque app is showing
Correct vehicle speed, so I don't think it's a VSS problem.
MAF 0.1 at idle, 1.0 at full throttle, consistent and smooth curve.
Coolant Temp steady at 185F
Timing advance at 25-30.
Fuel system closed loop, using O2 sensor for fuel mix
Throttle position 7.5% at idle

-All 4 O2 sensors Bank1&2, Sensor1&2 are showing constant 1.0v.. Is this an artifact of the app? I thought it's supposed to hover 0.5v after warm up.
-Fuel trim bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1 are at 24.2% , is this short term or long term fuel trim? Is it way too rich? Why is it rich?
-Fuel trim bank 1 sensor 2 and bank 2 sensor 2 are at 99.2%, what is this?
-Do I have to clear the adaptive values after I fixed the crank position sensor?
I pulled the plugs and they're black, I think it's running rich. Replace the O2 sensors and see?
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