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99 4.6 is superlocked and won't reset

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My 4.6 has the engine locked down and won't cut off the security system. Basically the car thinks it is being stolen, regardless of the fact that I hit the unlock button on the key or unlock the door with that same key. The alarm goes off whenever I open the door and the code letting me know the engine has been locked comes up on the dashboard. It has been like this now for several weeks and I am running out of options short of getting it towed back to the nearest dealer, which is 200 miles away.
I called the dealer in Atlanta where I bought my RR new 6 years ago and the service dep’t says I need to bring it to them to have the computer reprogrammed. Considering the difficulty of getting the car back to them, I surely wish I could find a better solution. They tell me there is no other way to resolve this as they are the only ones that have the software to reprogram the car.
Are there any other options?
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The remote lock/unlock on the key does not help. I guess there's a chance the little battery in it needs replacing, but the little red light does come on when the buttons are depressed, indicating it still has power. Here's one thing that could have contributed to my current problem: I was out of the country for a month this past summer. While there the RR's battery completely lost its power and I did not have it recharged for several more weeks after I got home. To get it going they had to take the battery out and give it long slow recharge over 48 hours. Afterwards the car started and ran fine, but I did notice the RR’s doors would sometimes lock and unlock on their own when driving down the road. Could any of this have contributed the lock-up and I'm now experiencing?
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