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99 Disco II

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Ive got a nice loaded Disco II that I cannot finish...ran out of money and need a work truck. I have run it for about 6 months and Ive replaced the radiator, power steering pump, alternator, the interior was worn so I got new headliner, new"used" door panels, it has the rear spring conversion kit, the 2003 headlight conversion, good tires, just had theredone, heads, water pump, all the water hoses, new fan clutch, ACE option,runs great till 3 of thr head bolts lossened and popped the gasket.
It didnt overheat, there was no damage to the heads at all, but when I went to Helicoil the block I discovered it had already been Heli coiled and when I bought the high dollar Time-Cert kit...2 more pulled out. This tells me that at some point in its checkered past it had overheated and lost its hardness.
Heres what she needs...Sun roof leaks,which are available used here in Asheville for $100.00 no front bumper because I was going to weld up a brush bar and winch system, and of course a short block. BeAUTIfully maintained, Forest green, lots of parts, needs a new home, I can deliver for fuel cost.
Will consider trade....

99 DiscoII
66 F-100
09 3/4 Ton Dodge Ram
2000 Acura MDX

Im trying to add pictures but Im getting a security token missing error ??

Im asking $1300.00...spent more than that in parts....!!

Asheville NC. 828 808 0001
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