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99' Disco Suspension dilema

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Hey all,
i own a 99' dsco 2 with coil spring suspension and ACE. I got a good deal on the Terrafirma TF228 Heavy Duty Suspension +2 for only $450. The only problem with this kit is that it is a air suspension to coil spring conversion kit. So i was wondering if the shocks and coils would fit on my disco 2 with no air suspension ?

Also, i was wondering if the ride quality would be stiff ? Alternative is to just go with a Medium Duty Kit Since i only have a roof rack on ?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. :grin
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As I recall, you will need to change the rear lower spring perches in the diff as part of the conversion between air springs and coils springs. Otherwise everything will fit.
You will need to re configure the b.c.m for ride height change and change the setting from air spring to coils spring. I think it Can only be done with a high end scan tool
Yes it will change the ride. You will find it noticeably stiffer
$450 is a sweet deal though.
Consider a steering stabilizer as well
And definitely have a proper alignment done
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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