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Hi all,

I've got a 97 model year Discovery and the ABS warning light has just started to stay on. I know its going to cost me $85 ( OZ dollars) to find out exactly whats wrong( Extracting the fault codes). I bought the car a couple of months ago ( Service history, one owner) and the seller showed me reciepts for having the two front speed sensors replaced, so I reckon that its will be the rear sensors that are the problem. I've spoken to a couple of dealers and they all reckon that the sensors can be removed and reset and that might cure it. I'm just wondering if anyone has done this before or if they can give me any advice before I get my cash out.

Thx Wes Down under.

P.S. $450 for new rear sensors and thats trade ( I'm an auto-electrician)

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Go get it tested before you worry toooo much.
Go look at the brake fluid, if it is burned brown, buy 3 pints of DOT 4 and do a complete brake flush before you take it in. Sometimes, the light will be tripped just because of the way the ABS and the old fluid don't work well together, it can't hurt to try.
Good luck,
Mike J.
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