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Hey everyone, hope youre all doing great!

Ive a question I was hoping someone could answer for me.

So I bought this Elring head gasket off ebay for my truck, and it was bent at like a 10 degree angle, I can bend it back and maybe squeeze the bend metal with a pair of pliers, but would that be ok or should I complain to the seller?

And if anyone is interested, the reason Im buying it is because I installed one earlier and found out that the threads on the block for the head bolts are damaged, so since I already torqued most of the screws, I had to throw away the head bolts and head gasket and try again. On a different note, I cant find any helicoils that are any longer than 0.6 inches for the thread, and it seems like the threads on these bolts are much longer... Should I just get normal 7/16-14 helicoils that are .6 inches long?

Back to the main point, should I send the head gasket back or just bend it and work with it?
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