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A/C Compressor

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Got bad news from my mechanic today - says I need a new A/C compressor and hoses due to major leakage from both. :eek:
Of course this means big $$$. :bawling:

Anyone know the going rate for a copressor here in the States? How about aftermarket? Rebuilt? :dunno:

Anything will help.

Also, if I want to save a buck - how complex is the job of replacing it myself on a scale of (1-10)? A "1" being an oil change and a "10" meaning don't even bother - run, don't walk, to a dealership and pay them whatever they ask. (i.e. roofing a house in South Florida in the summer - worth every penny you pay a roofer). :rolleyes:

'98 Disco I - 4.0L
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Asleep at the wheel???

Come on team a brother out here... no one has any ideas?
Hey WetDawg, I feel your pain on the deafening silence.

From what I understand, there's a switch that's supposed to protect your compressor from running on empty. My system dumped its refrigerant last week because some clown loosened a bracket which, in turn, allowed it to chafe a hole in a coolant tube. The switch I am referring to shut down electrical power to the compressor clutch, thus the compressor never engaged and didn't suffer any resulting damage. The A/C expert reset the switch, replaced the refrigerant and hoses, and my A/C works like new.

I have no idea how easy or difficult that job is for a DIY – I wish I had the time to get into that…

Good luck!
Sorry bro, don't know how I missed this one!

For a rebuilt or new one call Nathan at Discount Rovers 1-(503)-876-8377. He should be able to hook you up pretty cheap. Or go to for a used one.

... one more question...

I think the guy may have been jerking my chain with the compressor being bad. :dunno:

May just be a leaking hose.

How much of a pain in the ass is it to replace these?
Any AC shop can rebuild the hoses with the original or new fittings. You just have to call and get a quote.
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