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A/c Problems...need Help

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I need some help..please!

I parked my truck (2001 Disco SE7 ...58K miles) after a 300 hundred mile trip.
Today when I tried turned on the A/C it would not work.

In detail: I turn on the A/C switch and the interface panel lights up. All the controls responds. That is to say the fan speed shows increments of speed and the "economy" button responds..however the BLOWER DOES NOT BLOW.
The AC Compressor also responds when the switch is turned on or just DOES NOT BLOW any air. The problem is also affecting the rear too does not blow.

I checked two FUSES under the dash (per the panel markings). The fuses read good. I also checked one fuse under the hood...this too was good.
I see what appears to be an associated RELAY. I have not been able to check this.

Has anyone had a similar experience...and if so what was the solution?
Much appreciated.


May we all live healthily in 2006 ( I mean...beyond as well)
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Thanks DiscoMike.

Coincidentally another Disco Pilot was posting the same problem at the same time..I saw yours and Beezel's response there as well.

I will check that relay tomorrow.

Much Obliged.
beezel said:
yours is a different problem then his. you have no blower at all. Unless you have two then its a completely diferrent.

It could be the blower motor or high speed relay. Need to diagnose the problem first. It could be the head unit but unlikely.
Beezel thanks for your response.

It appears that the problems are similar in that we both have rear air (SE7 here). My rear air blower was not functioning either.

However it seeems that I have good news (no I didnt save a ton of money with Geico.... :D ). After I posted, I fiddled with the related relay and bwala!
the infernal thing started to BLOW! So I will just continue to watch it and see what happens next. By the way underhood work was done on this Rover for over 2 months except for an oil change...therefore no chance of that relay being ....ah dunno!

Once again thanks. :drink1:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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