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in an effort to avoid anyone else having to endure the sheer terror of seeing petrol gushing out of the bottom of their Freelander, I will recount a tale to you all.

My 2001 V6 ES was in for it's annual service (90,000kms on the clock). The Dealer (Purnell of Sydney) advised me by phone that two new fuel filters were required so I said fine - go ahead. :cool:

My wife picked the car up and drove it home. Over the next couple of weeks I did notice a distinct smell of petrol directly after filling up, but when I enquired to the dealer they said it was probably just fuel in the breathers from when they changed the filters. :dunno:

A week later we moved state and I drove the car over 1000kms to our new home. :)

The next day I filled the car with fuel. To my horror the car then proceeded to dump about a bucketful of petrol on the garage forecourt. I rang the local dealership(Pacific Landrover) and got them to come and collect the car. They confirmed that the original dealer had removed the seal around the fuel gauge to get at the fuel filters.(and not replaced it) They also had fitted the filters inverted! :mad:

I have subsequently obtained a full refund from the original dealer and informed land Rover of the potential danger hazzard of letting apprentices loose on safety critical systems(brakes,fuel etc). :clap:

So - Beware if your dealer says they have replaced fule filters - check the work and believe nothing if you smell petrol ! :drive:


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Good news is you are okay!!!! Noone hurt...that is crazy!!!!!!
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