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The first is a genuine ERR6169 Cam Sensor. This came in on a truck a couple of months ago. The owner did a head gasket job and once he buttoned everything up the truck wouldn't start. He tried new cam and crank sensors from AB but the truck still wouldn't start. He threw in the towel, I bought the truck and now I have this cam sensor that was used for testing only. It will fit all Series II Discovery models as well as all P38a Range Rovers from mid '97-2002. AB gets $250 plus shipping. How about $125 and I pay the shipping?

The next item is an '03/'04 clutch and fan assembly PGG000080. This was on the first '03 I parted last month. The owner was chasing potential sources of his overheating issues. He replaced a number of parts and one was this fan and clutch assembly. This unit is genuine. The tag is still clearly visible on the back of one of the blades. It can't have more than a few hundred miles of use on it. The clutch is as clean as can be. AB gets $240 plus shipping. How about $120 and I pay the shipping.

Finally, that '03 has the newest spare tire carrier I have ever seen outside of a showroom floor. Again, the genuine Land Rover tag is clearly visible along with the other label for transport to the dealer. It would be pretty hard to get a nicer carrier. I'm including three really nice spare lug nuts as well. AB gets $115 plus shipping for this carrier without the lug nuts. I'd sell this for $75 and pick up the shipping.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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