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Hello all,

1) I’ve a bit of problem with my Mk. 1, 1998 Discovery, it seems that there’s a leak seeping in from somewhere. By both passenger and driver’s door as well as rear doors, I’ve noticed that the carpet is slightly wet by the floor sills. All in all it’s not too bad as it only stretches inwards about 6 cm but it must be coming in from somewhere?
2) Also on both wheel arches, there are small patches of rust. Does anyone know of the most likely cause of this alternatively what’s the best way of locating the problem?

Any ideas?



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There are a number of posts on this subject, do a search for leaks, rust, and alpine windows.

From what I understand, the alpine window seals in tend to leak (they do in mine), wreaking havoc on the interior of your truck. The wheel arches are also commonly prone to rust.

For the leak, you may also want to check your sun roofs (if installed) and the A/C drain lines.

Good luck!

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its difficult to say check something for leaks.

What you have to do is take a hose and basically find the leak. go in a grid pattern and check for leaks as you go along.

If nothing on top works then start underneath.

sometimes its easier to remove trim to accurately see the leak if your not sure.

when your done sealing up the problem retest with everything off so the problem is fixed.
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