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I first fell in love with Land Rover out of nowhere. The thought came to me one day before I really new about about them or seen them. I was living in New Hampshire. I had a chevy Tahoe. I owned chevy or gmc since I was 17. I'm now 29 in the scene.

We are now moving west to Utah. Not Mormon. I was a carpenter had a 10' trailer. I drove it across the country to Utah. I still remember stopping at a gas station there were 5 Land Rover 1 defender 3 discovery 1 range rover classic. They were heading to Colorado on I 70. "I almost followed them, but I was still in my Tahoe. "

Got to Utah and my Tahoe died transmission went out coming down the Moutain trying to engine brake.

So I got my wife's Saab she got a Volvo XC90. Time went on I had fun with the Saab doing reverse 180's the Saab could about 70 mph in second gear had light weight turbo that would get up to speed quick.

Meanwhile in Utah I was surrounded by Land rovers. Most unfortunately looked like shopping mall cars. But there were a lot of them. So I thought this would. Be the best place to buy one. So my wife finally agreed and I bought my first 2004 Land Rover discovery. I was in love. I began car camping and exploring Utah with my 4 and 2 year old boys. Damn good times.

A few years go by and my wife starts talking about getting a new car. I found a 2007 Land Rover discovery LR3 at the dealership for 17,000. I try to talk her into it.
But she says she doesn't like it but I should get it.

So I bought it.

Sold my 04 a little bit later. Still miss it.

But I have had fun with my 07.

I have been all over Utah,Arizona,California,Oregon,Washington,Idaho, Nevada from sand dunes to slick rock. I can not begin to explain how life changing a vehicle can be. Just when we are at home and half the neighborhood kids are climbing over my car. They don't do that with any other car on the block.

I have a rooftop tent , front runner roof rack, water jugs on top with Jerry cans, just finished phase 1 of the dual battery install."Tello top optima deep cycle battery" , also have tyre carrier from front runner.

Next is install the fuse panel in the back. Water tank where spare was mounted.

Then, who knows I keep thinking of more stuff as soon as I'm done with one thing.

My car my toy my love

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Well, seems a little delayed with 3 posts already but welcome to the wide world of Rover.......

They are one of a kind, no doubt about it.
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