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ABS 4114 and 4134 (2004 Discovery 2)

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My 2004 is getting the 3 Amigos very intermittently. It will sometime occur while driving or also while setting in park after a few minutes w/o pushing on the breaks.

I pulled the codes and it has a 4114, and 4134. I'm planing to replace the ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch (part # SWO500040), but I want to make sure that I'm replacing the cause and not a symptom as 4134 is a fault for the Motor Speed Input.

Does anyone have experience with 4114 causing the 4134 or the other way around. Also is it typical for it to be very intermittent or is that more indicative of a bad wire / ground.
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Firdst of all what kind of code reader did you use?, you need dedicated D2 equipment for proper diagniostic of the ABS ECU cos it's not OBD2 compliant, a dedicated tester would have gave you clear description of the codes, those figures are irrelevant without the description cos each tester has different numbering... come back with the proper fault code descriptions and i'll tell you more
Yes, engine speed input missing could have been logged due to the CPS, Lynx is good, read the codea again after the 3 amigos will show up then post the detailed code description
David repolaced the whole SVS assy SWO500040 which includes the bad contacts not just the cheap switch pack(SWO500030) which comes connected directly to earth and the input to ECU with the wiring mod so as long as there's no problem somewhere between the modulator's plug and ECU or bad earth the SVS fault is fixed with the new unit
Ok, if you replaced only the switch pack then that's what you should do: Disco ABS Fault
Here's the "graphic" explanation too:
i edited the internal diagram of the ABS modulator concentrating on the SVS module(SWO500040), i marked where IMO the problems usually are with orange(these are within the module) but in case of oil ingress to the switches those resistances(with red) will be affected and the fault is the same, with purple are the external wires of mod option B, blue is the switch pack(SWO500030), there are two important notes on the original scheme:
* TOTAL RESISTANCE INCLUDING CONTACT AND CRIMP RESISTANCE: R<0.017 OHMS for the connection which gives the main earth(that big earth connector below the multiplug
**TOTAL RESISTANCE INCLUDING CONTACT AND CRIMP RESISTANCE: R<0.04 OHMS on the refference earth(ground) circuit from SLABS to pin 8 of multiplug

so there will be SVS related fault code if the resistances of the switch pack are out of range(which from MY experience is rare) and if one or both of those two earth circuit resistances are out of that "tight" range(thats the most common IMO), that so called "repair kit"(SWO500030) will rarely fix thing on it's own so taking with external wires the switch pack in series between earth and the SLABS ECU's SVS input the internal circuit of the modulator is bypassed and the only case in which the 3 amigos will come on again is if the switches will be ruined by fluid ingress ... that's why i'm saying that the brake fluid ingress is not the most common issue cos many of those who made option B didnt replace the valve seals, some of them nor the switch pack just made the wiring mod and they haven't seen the 3 amigos generated by SVS fault code again...i hope it makes sense


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