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ABS 4114 and 4134 (2004 Discovery 2)

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My 2004 is getting the 3 Amigos very intermittently. It will sometime occur while driving or also while setting in park after a few minutes w/o pushing on the breaks.

I pulled the codes and it has a 4114, and 4134. I'm planing to replace the ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch (part # SWO500040), but I want to make sure that I'm replacing the cause and not a symptom as 4134 is a fault for the Motor Speed Input.

Does anyone have experience with 4114 causing the 4134 or the other way around. Also is it typical for it to be very intermittent or is that more indicative of a bad wire / ground.
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Update - I replaced the ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch and got the 3 amigo's after about 5 miles of driving. The contacts on the old one still looked good without any noticeable corrosion in the unit .
Thanks Sierrafery, I'm using my Lynx Diagnostic Tool, which should cover everything for my Discovery. I ran the actuator test for the ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch and it passed. If you're familiar with the tool is there an additional test that I can do for the motor speed input. I did replace the cps about an month ago which resolved an inconsistent starting issue. So its possible that the motor speed input could be an old code from that if thats what the ABS system uses as an input but I'm not sure.

I cleared all the codes and will rescan this evening to pull just the ones from the latest three amigos siting.
Thank you for all the replies, I scanned it when I got home this evening and the specific details from the Lynx tool is 4114 Shutter Valve Switch Failure Electronically Supervision - HISTORICAL.

Also - Sierrafery it looks like I mistyped the pn earlier, I only replaced the switches SWO500030, although I have the full SWO500040 in another discovery 2 that I'm rebuilding in my garage that I could swap.
Thank you all for your support. I was able to pick up the complete SWO500040 unit for $75, swapped it out and flushed the break fluid to bleed while I was at it and the issue is resolved.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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