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ABS 95 disco

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Hey y;all

pulled out of grocery store today and went to step on brakes and got the ABS to come on was going less than 5 mph came to stop then drove away everything seems normal.. could this be a bad sensor,or any other suggestions?? What I met by ABS is that when brake where aplied there shuttered like there suppose to when u come to a hard stop but Iws going less than 5 any help

Let me know..

Eric 95 Disco 3.9L
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I have experienced your sympthoms (sensors) in the past in my 95, and because it has never been constant, I have ignored it, and it has done away. If it is not coming on all the time, ignore it also. If it does come back to haunt you then, it may simply be a loose sensor, or something more serious, like shot sensors or pump.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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