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ABS modulator replacement

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I got back the three amigos plus the brake light on so I took it in to get scanned. I already have the mod done to the modulator so they said that was not the issue but rather their computer is not able to communicate some of the time with the module. They said it was showing shuttle valve switch electrical failer, permanent voltage supply fault and the right sensor was erratic. I can get a used one for pretty decent price that is guaranteed no codes before shipping. I was thinking of going ahead and replacing it by myself (done these before) So I was going to go ahead and do the mod on the new one so that I don't have issues in the future with the 3 amigos again. Does this seem like the good idea or is there something else I should check first? Thanks
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Just as an update. I went ahead and got a used modulator from Paul Grant.
I did do the option B fix on it since I figured it was only a matter of time and I already had it out of the truck. Ordered the scanner from Amazon Autel 619 and it was able to read and clear the codes. It has been over two weeks and not a single code and the ABS is working better than with my old modulator. Edit* I also saved over $600 by doing it myself and not going through the indy shop.
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