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ABS pump replace and Wheel Bearings

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ABS pump would not shut off. As we discussed in a previous thread I have replaced the relay.
Has anyone done one of these and have some advice?

Also the front wheel bearing come today, both sides.
Anyone have any tips?

If you guys need me I'll be in the garage! All DAMN DAY!
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Replaced the ABS accumulator on Halloween.
I believe it is the switch in the pump that has failed.
I guess it's not the pump. Fitted another pump (used) on with the same results.

Any guesses. I'm running out of things to throw money at.
Okay like the other boards no one answers ABS questions.
That's okay. I'm not angry.

Okay so this is the jist of what I learned.
ABS pump ran and never shut off.
Replaced accumulator and relay.
Situation got better and functioned normally for about a full month.
Then the pump began again not shutting off.
So I got a used pump from Rover Cannibal on Friday and installed it.
New(ish) pump ran and ran.
My friend helped me diagnose this with some phone support.
He said first...the computer doesn't control the pump. So that's good to know.
He said the original pump had a failed switch inside. Which is what I figured after reading a tip from this board.
If the switch inside failed the relay told the pump to run.
Relays don't like to do this type of heavy duty circuit control. Basically the relay had failed causing the new(ish) pump to run like the old.
So I grabbed the relay next to the relay that had failed placed it in the slot and everything is working as designed.
Another win for my friend who's knowledge is overwhelming regarding all things British.
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The swap wasn't too bad. I got a used one from Rover Cannibal. But I got their last one. I'm gonna tear the old one apart and look to see if it would be easily rebuilt and such. There has got to be a cheaper way than a new one at 1000$.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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