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Hello (new) Friends,
I have just joined the Forum and like most new members, I will probably
ask questions that cause you to groan having heard them a million times.
Yet here goes,
My '96 Discovery SD has a problem with the ABS. The ABS light comes
on when the vehicle is first started, as is typical. The light goes out when
engine speed comes up as I drive off. However, as I encounter the first
bump (read: small pothole size) there is a 'click' like noise from behind the
rear seat and the ABS light comes back on ...and remains on until the ignition
is shut off.
I must admit that I have not gotten around to testing the ABS operation
but today is rainy so a quick test for proper operation is easy. I suspect that
a sensor or the associated wiring is intermittant. My service manual has not
yet arrived so I don't know where all the various bits of the ABS system are
located. Therefore, your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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No recent changes but the vehicle has not been used for a number of months.
Thanks for the advice. Once the manual arrives, I'll check and readjust



dent said:
Have you had your rotors changed or a brake job recently? if so i suspect the senors was not set properly which you might want to check.
take care
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